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The Ruben Centre, with its four core areas of Education, Health, Community Development and Advocacy, works directly with the surrounding community to alleviate these hardships that the residents of Mukuru face. The Ruben Centre Administration is committed to building strong relationships, practices and policies across all departments, which reflects the desire to listen to, engage with, and empower all sections of the community. In order to do this, strategies for a better Ruben Centre include:

  • Create structures and systems that promote a sense of Centre Identity leading to strong integrated policies and behaviors by all departments to live their mission.
  • Have the agreed on values always underpinning and shaping behaviors and policies.
  • Get greater security on the Centre property and from there seek more donors and partners with their programs, in order to help Ruben Centre realize its mission of being ‘The Church Of The Poor.’
  • Invest in professional development of staff.
  • Encourage all programs to implement an annual Performance Plan designed to ensure the steady implementation of the Strategic Plan.