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Our Strategic Goals

The Ruben Centre adopts 5 key directions in its programming. Strengthening Organizational Capacity, Providing quality health services, Providing quality and accessible education services, providing social economic empowerment of community members

Our goals for the next five years

Strategic objective 1: To improve access to and provide quality primary, secondary and vocational education
Intended impact: children with right values, attitudes and capable of passing exams and contributing to the welfare o f their families and society
Strategic objective 2: To improve access to and provide quality health care services
Intended impact: improved quality of health and reduced incidences of ill health among community members and reduced child morbidity and mortality
Strategic objective 3: To empower residents of Mukuru community through social and economic development.
Intended impact: reduced child neglect, labour, gender violence, and increased human rights and social and economic well being

Strategic objective 4: To enhance Advocacy and Networking.
Intended impact: Transformed unjust structures, improved infrastructure, safety, security habits, and positive social change in disparities and inequalities that exist throughout the community.

Strategic objective 5: To strengthen organizational capacity of the Centre.
Intended impact: improved efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery and accountability