Ruben Centre and the Mukuru Kwa Ruben Community are celebrating the finale of a long journey. The journey that started with a step of aspiration to get a community Radio station for the Mukuru Kwa Ruben community in 2012.

An application for the community Radio station was done and submitted to the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) which is currently known as Communications authority of Kenya (CAK) .Unfortunately the application was rejected. Colin Powell  says; A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Consequently, there was no room to give up and therefore a re- application for the Radio was done recently.

The long journey came to an end when we all received the thrilling news with this section of the letter from the Communications Authority of Kenya brightening our faces.

“The communications Authority of Kenya (the “Authority”) in exercise of powers conferred upon it by the Kenya Communications (Amendment ) Act 2008 (the “Act”) and Kenya Communications Regulations ,2009(the “Regulations”)is pleased to inform you that the appropriate FM sound broadcasting frequency has been identified for assignment to Ruben Centre within 2Km coverage of Mukuru Kwa Ruben in Nairobi,…..”

The Radio station named Ruben FM establishment will play a big role in facilitating the exposure and efficiency of Ruben Centres’ eight diverse programs revolving around our mission to offer quality education, health financial and social services to children and families in the Mukuru Community. Information is power and Ruben FM will create a means in which we can communicate community information that large and well established radio stations would otherwise omit. It will also help to educate the immediate community via the most popular and accessible form of media and provide employment opportunities especially for the youth and provide a means to express artistic talent mostly to local artists whose efforts and talent are not recognized due to lack of platform. The objective of the Community free to air Radio Ruben FM will be:

  • To empower individuals and the Mukuru Community as a whole through education and distribution /dispersal of information
  • To build and increase public awareness in a number of critical issues such as health matters, business and entrepreneurship, environmental awareness and security.
  • To enhance the education of school pupils through targeted audio programs
  • To strengthen Ruben Centres capacity for delivery on its mission and to
  • To enhance peace and harmony in Mukuru.

In long term, Ruben FM will seek to empower local community and facilitate change, social economic progress and better living conditions for the Mukuru community in line with vision 2030 and the Millennium Development goals (MDG’s) currently Millennium Sustainable Goals(SDG’s). Labor pains are on. The Ruben team is out and about working tirelessly to bring forth the baby .We can only wait for the baby in the offing to be delivered.

Who We Are

Ruben Centre is a faith-based organization striving for an empowered and just Mukuru community by providing quality education, health, financial and social services to children and families in Mukuru community. The Ruben Centre is a non-profit, charity organization run by the Christian Brothers African Province. It is one of eight Christian Brother’s project sites across Africa, and offers educational, health and community development programmes to the residents of one of the largest slums in Nairobi (known as both the Ruben Slum as well as Mukuru community).

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On the last days of the great festival Jesus stood up and cried out, “If anyone thirsts let him/ her come to me let them drink they who believe in me for within them rivers of living water will flow.”(John Ch. 7). This is A short gospel exerts from the Pentecost vigil celebrated recently and I dared believe for a fleeting moment that this was me.

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