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Be assured everyone - the Ruben Board really knows how to work hard!!  Congratulations to each and every member for a job well done, and for all that you achieved. Even Br Francis Mkwabi, (ERMEA - Director) who joined us just to share, was a very willing partner in all that was achieved.


Last weekend we gathered at St Joseph' Conference Centre in Karen for a two day workshop - "Strengthening Our Tomorrows". Three new members joined our existing Board members to participate in the process of looking to the future and developing Work plans, that align the Ruben Board objectives with the Ruben Centre 2017-2020 Strategic Plan.Saturday began with a prayer gathering that highlighted our own stories, and  the spiritual, cultural and professional principles upon which the Centre is built.  This spiritual journey and storytelling continued throughout the weekend, drawing us into the connecting sessions, of:

                        Who are we

                        Our Strengths

                        The Impact the Board has within Ruben and the wider community

                        Evaluation, and our way into - The Future


It was a productive time that gave the Board members opportunity to look at where we currently are, and, what is the best way for the Ruben Board to strengthen our journey forward   While the work plans (the goal of the weekend) weren't completed they certainly were set on track, with an obvious new energy and direction being evident in the spirit of the final prayer circle - "It is my time." It was agreed that the Board would meet again on May 20th and a working group who volunteered eagerly will have a draft of the work plan for the Board to ratify.  

But, it wasn't all work.....a great time was had on the Saturday night when a  Ruben and Mukuru Trivia competition (designed by Margy our Centre's PR) was  fiercely contested between the Boys and Girls, of course the superior race won.  We will leave that to you to decide who the obvious winners were! Just for a little trivia of your own......How many can answer these questions about the Ruben Centre?

Ruben -Have you the answers? Just ask a Board Member they will be able to tell you.

1.      Give us the full name & postal address of Ruben

2. Give the full name of the following people:

A.     General Manager

B.      Programs Manager

C.     HR Manager

3. Write the Vision of Ruben

4. When was Ruben Centre first established?

5. Can you answer - how did Mukuru Kwa Ruben get its name?

6. Can you give us the number of:

A.     Full Time Staff

            B.     Part time Staff employed at Ruben