On 6th and 7th MaDSCF5716y 2013 Ruben was live with activities all over, starting from the gate to the other areas of the centre. Tents for screening HIV registration of community members for medical checkup, medical doctors in the new hall, schoolchildren in their classes, Ruben Medical clinic doing service (e.g. cervical cancer screening, dental and laboratory services), workers building the new clinic expansion and other centre partners busy working at their respective departments.

Family Hope Charity,working in conjunction with Wangu Kanja Foundation and Ruben medical clinic held a two day free medical camp for Mukure Ruben Community. The camp was successful, and a total of approximately 800 people, both children and adult, were treated. Differing and complicated conDSCF5702ditions were treated and referred for continuous follow-up to Ruben Clinic.

Thanks goes to Aphia Plus, Liverpool VCT and Leatoto who also supported the camp in various ways. The community health workers participated very well by mobilizing and interpreting the medical students and doctors from America as they treated the sick. Other Doctors were taken to several homes of those who were physically unable to reach the camp.

Reported by Sarah Mithama, Clinic Coordinator

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Ruben Centre is a faith-based organization striving for an empowered and just Mukuru community by providing quality education, health, financial and social services to children and families in Mukuru community. The Ruben Centre is a non-profit, charity organization run by the Christian Brothers African Province. It is one of eight Christian Brother’s project sites across Africa, and offers educational, health and community development programmes to the residents of one of the largest slums in Nairobi (known as both the Ruben Slum as well as Mukuru community).

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Don’t worry tomorrow will take care of itself, a line from the gospel I quoted in the last article and perhaps a fitting epitaph for Francis Gerard O’Shea. He left this world laughing fifty years ago today. I was in Form three at CBC Warrnambool and he was teaching Grade six and among his students was my little brother Pat.We got the news around 8.30am on a Saturday morning June 29th 1968 as we were preparing to go into Warrnambool for the usual Saturday morning games of football. 

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