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New Website

Director's news Dec 2015

We are back and with these words I welcome you all to our new website. The transition from the old website to this new one has been more difficult than we imagined, but I guess that when it is all said and done, 'that is Africa!" It always has its own way of levelling things out. An Africa that has been very much in the news this week with Pope Francis visiting Nairobi. Francis created a presence that stopped the nation. A public holiday was declared earlier in the week and all events have been great. On Friday morning Pope Francis visited the Kangemi slum and I was invited to bring nine people who could represent Ruben Centre. It was a sensational experience. See my article on this visit.

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Reflections on Pope in Kangemi

Director’s News October 26th 2015

A month ago I was asked by Sister Mary Killeen (founder of Ruben Centre 1986) to find nine ‘good people who are the heart and soul of the Ruben Centre and invite them to come to Kangemi slum on November 28th to be with the pope there. Who could be welcomed at the table I asked myself and soon I was inviting among others: the head teacher who has given 16 years of service, Leah who has cleaned the toilets for 13 years, Charles a polio victim who voluntarily works tirelessly for disability people, the cheerful guard who welcomes all who seek to enter, Ester the mother of two disabled children now working in our Special Needs Unit. Surely these all had wedding garments for the feast!

Their enthusiasm to join in the feast was evident when I turned up to Ruben Centre at 4.17 a m on November 27th 2015 and there they all were waiting for me. I knew the day was going to be special because they had come early (imagine in Kenya) dressed, ready and thirsty for take it all in. This default setting of the poor would surely make this a feast and something for all of us to learn from.

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Director’s News July 2015

I returned from Australia on July 4th and made myself popular at the school assembly by declaring I am back ‘home.’ Then for a few days I just spent time hearing all the ‘good news’ about great happenings since I was away. The big triumph, which seemed to cut across several departments, was the containment of the cholera outbreak that occurred during the wet season. So after listening to all their stories of success I was able to declare I was fast reaching my ‘ used by date’ here in Ruben Centre.

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Director’s News March 2015

Mukuru continues to be hot and dusty, and as the end of March approaches, everyone is fearful that the much needed wet season will be a non-event again this year.  No one could have imagined the Mukuru residents actually longing for a bit of mud again. However despite the difficult situation, life goes on. This week saw the completion of the school’s new Administration Centre.  The Centre secretary and Head teacher along with the deputy and senior teachers now have new offices and the school is using their own gate for the first time. This completes the redevelopment of the school, and now it is up to the staff to make the most of the improved facilities. Already the very little kids are enjoying their new library and hopefully the beginning of a reading culture is happening.

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Easter around the corner

Director’s News Feb 2015

Two months of 2015, is already history. The time of Lent is here, Easter around the corner. Catching my breath this morning, I reflected on an ancient generation that when the music was played, refused to dance, and when dirges’ were sang, no mourners could be found. “Alas for those who couldn’t be taught and who couldn’t see the signs of blessing,” and ancient scriptural warning, however a warning not needed for this generation of Ruben Centre.

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