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It was a great day for the Human Development and Skills Training  Program as 15 empowered and well-skilled young men and women graduated from the transition program having completed their full training in weaving, dress making and bead courses.

They received certification for the course achievement even as they received congratulatory messages from the program coordinator Miss Elizabeth Kagwima, our Development Director Bev Watkinson and the Director Ruben Centre Br. Frank O’Shea among other people.

The transition program funded through Mesean Cara will mean that the 15 people will transition out of the program to work in their own businesses that they have started as others proceed to get permanent employment in areas of interest in other companies.

The transition program started in 2015 whereby workplace opportunities were created to assist the students who graduate from the HDSTP training and had neither capital nor working spaces to practice the knowledge acquired through the Human Development and Training Program. A number of students who went through the courses did not have a way of getting into the business market due to lack of opportunities in the workplace. The program started with 12 trainees who were called upon to get interest free loans to help them utilize skills they acquired into starting up small businesses in their areas of interest like Sawing, bead making, weaving, knitting, uniform finishing, sanitary towels making, bag making and more handcraft courses. The course attracted more people since the first group was doing well and the numbers increased to 21 in 2016.

 Throughout 2016 a number of students have benefitted from utilizing the Ruben Centre as a startup workplace before developing their own businesses.  During the six months, the students were also trained on business management skills, entrepreneurial skills, communication Skills and customer relations skills as additional courses which are very necessary in the business community out there.

The program has had a lot of positive impact into the lives of the trainees and to the Mukuru community.


*      Improved social status of the trainees through economic empowerment

*      Improved knowledge and skills in the work place.

*      Employment opportunities created as the trainees have started their small enterprises

*      Reduced dependency on family and relatives since the trainees have a source of income

*      There is increased interest in the transition program through referrals from the group that has graduated from the transition program.



Beatrice Kainde an 18 year old girl, an orphan who was self to leave with her uncle was enrolled in the Vocational Training in 2014.She joined the dressmaking and tailoring course with a hope and dream that after the one year course, she would at least have a skill to start off her life with. She successfully completed her one year course and emerged to be a very determined student. She was given an opportunity to join the Transition into the workplace program to help her fine-tune the skills acquired during the course and give her a platform to acquire workplace experience. During her six months training in the transition program, she chose to diversify her area of training by engaging in weaving course.

She started earning a weekly salary of Kshs. 1,500 which she says has really transformed her life in a tremendous way. She has managed to rent her own house and to sustain herself without depending on the uncle. Beatrice was later linked with the Ruben Centre Micro-finance scheme where she has been able to access interest free loans to start up a small enterprise in tailoring and dress-making. Beatrice is one of the best success stories as she has managed to secure a permanent job in weaving in Kirinyaga County. Her life is fully transformed and now she can stand on her feet without depending on the uncle anymore.