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Ruben FM is Mukuru’s new community radio station that aims to empower and unite Mukuru Community through our slogan “UNGANISHA JAMII” .It broadcasts from Ruben Centre, a faith based organization in Mukuru Kwa Ruben. The Radio station was launched on 19th November 2016 in an event that attracted many organizations. Currently, it enjoys 90% Mukuru listenership.



To  empower and unite the Mukuru Community.


To offer quality educative, informative and entertaining programs to Mukuru Community


1.     To strengthen Ruben Centre’s capacity for delivery on its mission.

2.     To create and deliver development oriented information to the residents of Mukuru.

3.     To build and increase public awareness in a number of critical issues such as health matters, business and entrepreneurship, environmental awareness and security.

4.     To enhance the education of school pupils through targeted audio programs.

5.     To empower individuals and the Mukuru Community as a whole, through education and distribution/dispersal of information.

6.     To enhance peace and harmony in Mukuru.


Mukuru slum is home to an estimated population of 527,526 people living in 193,539 households and occupying 52.5 km2 of land (Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, 2010). The populace comprises of relatively homogeneous groups of people in the low ends of income. 60% of the inhabitants earn less than KES 10,000 per month, which means they live on less than a US dollar per person, per day. The poorest 15% in Mukuru earn less than KES 5,000 per month, therefore living on less than half a dollar per person, per day (Save the Children Annual Report, 2003).

The implication of this is inadequate housing, poor sanitation, hunger, lack of access to education, and increase in diseases.

In the perspective of city life, the slum community remains largely marginalized. It is associated with dirt, diseases, crime, poor sanitation and poverty. Whereas, the people living in the slum do so as a necessity – crowding and poverty has made it difficult for the establishment of social amenities. Access to education in Mukuru is low and most of those in the productive age bracket missed out on education in their formative years.

The Kenya Demographic Household Survey 2008 points to a strong correlation between the level of education achieved and the living standards, as well as the ability to synthesize information and translate it into social action. The least educated are the worse off in terms of social and economic empowerment. The situation is even worse for the women, youth and children who have such a background or are living in households headed by the least educated.

Participation in decision making is also weak amongst the community; there are minimal avenues for expression and dialogue. Community members are, for the most part, not aware of existing policies and programs, and what bearing those elements may have on their lives.

Despite this, all is not lost. Socio-economic situations can be improved through increased access to strategic and relevant information delivered in easy to consume ways.



Changamka show

 Changamka show runs every day, Monday to Friday from 6-10am.It is dealing with current affairs from any context which could be social, economic or political. It also high lights on development issues and matters of security concerns.

The program has shaped up the community in terms of decision-making in choosing the leaders especially during the just concluded party primaries and forthcoming general election to be held in August. This is through the live governance interviews every Tuesday from 7am to 8am.This is a session where we invite those aspiring for respective leadership positions to talk to the community.

  • The programme has helped the community to know the current affairs within and outside the Globe thus leaving them updated daily in terms of the happenings locally ,nationally, internationally and even in the sports world.
  • Community creation by allowing-opinion on the issues based on topics that directly or indirectly affects the community, hence helping the society realize its potential.
  • Changamka show is creating awareness on social vices e.g. Prostitution among others through its  segment `called ‘tusaidiane’ .This a segment where a member comes up with a problem affecting him/her then the audience is allowed to call in to help find solution to the problem
  • The program has seen the Mukuru community become unified through the joint discussions on radio involving the presenter and members of the public.


Mishemishe show

Mishemishe is an empowerment and entertainment programme mostly targeting the youths and more aligned to women issues. The programme is currently airing on Ruben FM a community Radio based in Mukuru kwa Ruben.

The programme is aired every Monday to Friday form 10 AM to 1 PM and is aimed at tackling various topical issues such as social issues, beauty, health, environment and relationship among other topics.

Mishemishe programme has made great impact to the community of Mukuru and its environments as follows:

Selea na Taarab

Selea na taarab is a program that focusses on Swahili Culture and African traditions.It airs on Sunday as from 4pm to 7pm .The program has had the following impacts on the community:


The Champion Show

This is a program that targets the youth of Mukuru area. It is aired between 4-6pm from Monday to Friday. The program basically plays reggae, raga and dancehall music genres. The program has had the following impacts in the community.

The program focuses on drug abuse and rehabilitation, peaceful and harmonious co-existence, youth empowerment and matters pertaining to secure Mukuru, behaviour change and crime issues within Mukuru.

Kuza 254

Kuza is a Swahili word for nurturing. The program airs Monday to Friday 1pm to 4pm and it involves music recorded by local artists within Mukuru Community. The program focuses on the role of the youth in the society, nurturing local talent, matters on peer pressure and influence and lifestyle among the youth.


Jahazi La Alamsiki

Jahazi la Alamsiki show runs from 8.00pm to 11.00pm Monday to Friday. It plays rhumba, zilizopendwa and Lingala music genres. It is structured to deal with family issues .It tackles various issues from financial, upbringing, relationships, culture and lifestyles.


This is a weekly program that deals with the children issues. It is aired every Saturday between 7to 10am.

The program does children entertainment, participation and teacher guided discussions on education matters and other issues pertaining to primary school doing children. This program also advocates other basic children issues.

Since its inception, the program has hosted a number of primary schools where the children have interacted among themselves and also opened up to speak about issues of concern to them.

Through this program they have been educated on social issues and some aspect of their primary school syllabus as the program hosts a teacher.


Utukufu show

This is a Christian program that is aired every Sunday from 6am-10am.The program enlightens the audience on the importance of adhering on Christian values and Christian way of living. It has also provided a platform for interfaith and interdenominational interaction in order to make Mukuru residents more tolerant as far as religious issues are concerned.

The program was the first one to go on air on 20-11-2016 after the launch of the radio station. We received a positive feedback from the audience.

Since the program launch, a lot has been achieved through sharing the word of God on air.

Shine Show

It is an urban gospel program which aims at reaching to the youth in terms of Bible reading and urban songs. It provides a platform where young people would share their religious beliefs. The program goes on air every Sunday between 10am to 1pm.

Morning Devotion

This is a daily pre-recorded program from 5:30 am to 6:00 am. The program involves pre-recording various pastors whose message is then then aired. The programs aims to prepare people for the day and also help them fellowship as an online family before they rise to their daily activities.

This program has helped to have a more psychologically prepared audiences in their approach of the day and the activities that they intend to do on that particular day.


This is a daily segment featuring various pastors with various messages. The segment runs from 7:15 to 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, 7 to 10 pm .The segment airs the messages from the pastor as per their message of the day, but with the aim of having a more religious Mukuru.

This would impact positively on the community as they will get spiritual nourishment and also a platform where they meet their creator for various spiritual needs.


This is a program that informs our target audience on what happens around them and the country at large.

The news bulletins run from Monday to Friday. The news items include social news, developmental news, political news, business news and sports news. This gives a chance to the audience to stay informed in the area of interest.

The main aim is to ensure that our audience are updated on what is happening around them and around the world. This has helped them to be more self-aware of the developments within their environment and beyond.


Bewa la Lugha

Bewa is a Swahili word for ‘campus’ whereas lugha means language. This is an education program that focuses on teaching school going students on the need of education in the community. It has really helped in improving education in Mukuru by inviting various experts on radio. Most of the schools have also been invited to bring their students to the program live and interacted with the community on radio.


Tushauriane Show

This is a women empowerment program that handles family issues on our day to day life targeting on women.

In Mukuru, single parenting is on rise and in most cases women are the victims. They play both the role of a father and mother in bringing up their children. The presenter have this in mind when presenting the show and so try as much as possible to highlight issues on social, economic and political issues that cut across the day to day  life of our community. The presenter also highlights on matters affecting the youth and the community in general.


This is a weekly program that highlights on the issues of sports. It is aired on Saturday between 1pm to 4pm.

The main objective of this program is to update people on what is happening in the sports world and also highlighting on local sports. The program has led to a reduction in betting cases in the community as it addresses the disadvantages of gambling for community members. It also highlight on other negative anti-social behavior such as hooliganism and committing suicide in our expression of our love for the game.

Alongside that, this program highlights on sport as an alternative mean of livelihood for those who are gifted in it and advises on sports issues such as nurturing of the talent and discourages the use of various prohibited drugs that has ruined the careers of many people.


Ruben FM being a community radio station also does Developmental programs that tackle crucial issues affecting the community. These stories are in form of documentaries, feature stories and magazine stories. Since its launching, Ruben FM has done several programs that have been aired in Radio Ireland.



Ruben FM staff comprises of a station manager, producer, technician, four professional presenters who reside in Mukuru area and four volunteers. This means that they understand Mukuru community well hence giving the right content to the Mukuru Community.



Currently RUBEN FM has a few partners that are helping in sponsoring different programs so that the radio remains sustainable. We are still reaching out to different organizations for sponsorship of our existing programs and continue empowering the community.