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28th July 2017 marks the last day of second term for the Special unit children. It has been a great for the second term. The improvement is great and the achievements are many. However there are still challenges and this report for school second term has it all.



  1. Games and sports

The learners participate in games and sports we have enough balls and other playing items that improve their creativity and provide new items and games they are not used to, we also have gymnastic learners attempts the gymnastic skills according to their ability

  1. Teachers and staff

Last term we had two teachers and a volunteer. One more teacher was employed and this made it easier, the learners are now divided into three groups each teacher has a group to handle. We have three care givers who assist those with difficulties in toileting train those who do not know how to use a toilet, feed those who are unable to feed and cook food for the kids.

  1. Integration and content taught

The learners are integrated in grade one and pre-school where they learn and socialise with the other learners in regular class. We use the normal syllabus as the one used in the regular classes but we modify it to fit the learners in the disability classes

  1. Raising standard and self esteem

These are learners with complex educational needs, what will count as an achievement is so individual that assessment needs skills in order to say the learner Has achieved you need to study an individual and see what the learners has achieved within a given period of time, these assessment are used to guide teaching, learning and what support a learner needs ,the assessment  has evidence to show what a learner knows or understand, education assessment are done by EARC centres  when a child join the unit then from their the learner is assessed by the teachers, most of the learners have improved and these as increased their self esteem as they can see what they have achieved


5. Music and movement

The learners love dancing and through child doctor they donated a radio for learners

The learners enjoy dancing movement and dance as improved which we had a problem with earlier on.

6. Government tablets  

The kids in the unit who are able to do class one work  uses the tablets given ,this is more useful especially for the deaf they are able to understand contents which are difficult to explain in sign language they are able to interact with the tablet and their curiosity have improved

7. Number increase

Due to the awareness and learners improvement both socially academically ,and mobility more parents come to seek for intake but due to space and other factors there is no room for more intake,

8. Exchange programme

The teachers were able to visit Mary rice a centre with learners with disability; we managed to learn more ideas which we shall implement in our class, like Montessori way of learning, the way they do their activities of daily living which they do practically in school and pre-vocational training

9. Parents workshop

The workshops which are done in the first week of every month have improved parents attitude towards disability most of them are learning to appreciate their kids in their small achievements they make

10. Assistive devices

We received 4 standing aid from apdk to aid the learners who are unable to stand to stand and also strengthen their muscle and relaxing their back, we also received a wheel chair from one of the parent whose child passed on. The parent was a client at Reuben therapy.

11. Blackboard`

We received a blackboard which we had requested for long



1. Death

One of the child passed on these was a big loss to us and the kids they took along time to settle on daily activities done  in the class due to lose of one of them. The loss of the child also created fear among parents because it was not alone there were other learners with disability in the community but the parents were talked to by the counsellor in the centre during the workshops


2. Distraction

The room the grade one uses is not appropriate for them considering that most of them are mentally handicap and autistic the learners are easily distracted as the people move in and out of class this make it hard to capture their attention when teaching a concept.


3. Therapy

Parents are unable to pay the 70 shillings fee needed and others who need the services are not able to get the appointment due to the number of kids who need services are more.

4. Care givers

We have three care givers and 40 kids .this is a challenge as the work load has increased.

  1. Storage

We have a challenge on where to store some information like a deaf sign language, we need a hard disk to store sign language dictionary and other visual learning material needed


  • A visit to a deaf school to learn new ideas on how to handle deaf kids and  More exchange programme  related to special needs
  • We recommend a volunteer therapist like first term we had Claire who assisted the learners who could not afford to go for therapy and those who are not given appointment yet
  • A hard disk is required to store sign language learning materials
  • Pesticide to control the bedbug in the class
  • Introduction of pre-vocational training with the help of the vocational training department