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Ruben Medical Clinic

The Ruben Centre Health Clinic began in a tin shed in 1992 and was first started by a Japanese NGO – African Education Fund. After the Christian Brothers began administering the Centre, a new clinic was built and it opened in 2003. This new clinic offered much needed improvements and to date the clinic offers a range of services, which include: outpatient services, nutrition services, asthma clinic, child welfare clinic, antenatal clinic, cervical/breast cancer screening, laboratory services, TB clinic, dental care, reproductive health and has a well equipped pharmacy.

Ruben Clinic is more than a program.

In three words it is a mission defined by its presence to the poor people of Mukuru Kwa Ruben slum, generating compassion in staff that subsequently drives them to liberate these people from the full effects of sickness and disease.  Thousands of people in need of medical care come through the clinic doors- Approximately 60,000 per year. Almost all of them neighbours of the clinic living in the informal settlement characterized by poor law enforcement, inadequate judiciary and the absence of affordable and appropriate social services. Consequently poverty, insecurity, crime, drugs, unemployment, illiteracy, violence, sexual abuse, diseases including HIV/Aids exists in abundance. 

Ruben clinic is there for the people and a comprehensive range of health services exists at affordable rates. The clinic is open to all who are sick or in need of some medical services regardless of their location, socio economic situation, age or religion.  Any close examination of the data concerning clients reveals that the largest populations of clients are babies, school age children and women, especially expectant mothers.

People of Mukuru live in abject poverty.  Even the Kshs 40/- needed for a card that will lead on to consultation, laboratory testing and medicine is often a barrier. This results in the sick presenting themselves only as a last resort, which leads to complications in the treatment and recovery.  Ruben Centre has two social workers that are continually working with the community health workers to intervene as appropriate to enable the poor who are sick to be treated. All medical interventions involve costs and Ruben struggles to continue to provide services to as many poor as possible despite the constraints of finances. The clinic receives limited assistance and the existing fee structure covers only about 40% of all operational costs.  Every year the clinic needs donors to provide the majority of the finances and this presents an ongoing challenge to the administration. More money would certainly improve Ruben clinic’s effectiveness in reaching on more of the poor of Mukuru Kwa Ruben slum. More money would also enable Ruben Clinic to lengthen its daily hours of operation which might help men who maybe trapped in casual work situations in the many factories in the Industrial Area access health care. Our home based care for the house bound and disabled is an effort to respond to their health needs, but it is working with cost constraints and lack of clinical resources needed for diagnosis and treatment. Breaking down traditional beliefs is difficult when poverty and ignorance are flourishing and as persuasive.

These are the services that we offer:

  • Outpatient services
  • Nutrition services
  • Child welfare clinic
  • Ante natal clinic
  • Post natal clinic
  • Asthma clinic
  • HIV testing and counseling
  • TB clinic
  • Dental services
  • Occupational therapy
  • Cervical and breast cancer screening
  • Reproductive health
  • Laboratory services
  • Pharmacy