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Stop Child Labour Program

This program was started in November 2009 with a goal of eliminating child labour within the Mukuru slum. Since its inception over 350 children have been rescued from child labour. The child labour program does this through a holistic approach. It creates awareness in the community by mobilizing, educating and sensitizing the community towards working collaboratively to uplift the standards of children. Also through rescuing, rehabilitation, therapy and education as core components in ensuring children meet their basic rights. The program continues to embrace a holistic approach by integrating the guardian/ parent towards self-sustenance through capacity building for empowerment, counseling and self-development activities for financial sustainability.


To eliminate child labour in Mukuru


To bring children out of child labour by offering alternative means of survival to parents, guardians and children.


  • To enhance enrollment, retention, completion and transition rates in primary, secondary and vocational training school for children rescued from child labour.
  • To raise awareness and to mobilize communities against child labour in Mukuru
  • To provide economic empowerment through paid community work for destitute parents whose children are at risk of child labour
  • Empower ex –child labour children through therapeutic support in sports, theatre events and children’s clubs
  • To provide capacity building training for caregivers of children rescued from child labour

The holistic approach of the program gives the children the best chance of breaking away from child labour and from poverty in general. The sponsored children receive many benefits from the program that cater for the child’s physical, mental and social well-being. Such benefits include:

  • Free basic medical care from Ruben Centre medical clinic through out the sponsorship period for the child
  • Free counseling and psycho socio support from the Ruben Medical Clinic’s counseling team to child and guardian(s)
  • The program maintains regular contact with the child and monitors their physical, mental and social performance including monitoring school results
  • The Ruben Centre provides an ideal atmosphere for studying and learning after school hours with resources including a large library, desks and chairs.
  • During school holidays, the Ruben Centre provides tuition to sponsored children
  • Additional expenses such as uniforms are included in the support

Caregivers are not left behind either. They are encouraged to form support groups with each other, which are then monitored and assisted by the program. The very needy women benefit from work for cash program for approximately two to three months. Some of the money earned is saved through table banking scheme and at the end of their working period they are given the money in total to start up small businesses. The women also benefit from economic empowerment programs such as business trainings or income generating activities (IGA’s) trainings